Rant on the defeat!!

1 Nov

Twa mair deils fae London toon

Lies ‘n’ Deceit –the media’s mither



They come sleekit, like a kleek o cancers

Labewhore big-ben names; a mass o chancers-

Ayeways the same; twa tae blame

This Janus-face o’ Scotia’s shame!

What a parcel o rogues
in Scotia’s clothes!

City slickers we nae nickers

Go hame! Go hame!

Tak the train back to Londonstain

Leave oor wee hysteria alane!


Shame shame, yi powers that be

Who cannie see; wha widnie see

Britannic hypocrisy; masking

Familiar treachery.

We are just a half-made nation

A semi-colon; a pause,

a political hesitation ahent a cause.

Yet oor wee no-finished lament,

has its ain national parliament!

It gies us an agony of hysterics

In a house, fur schizophrenics.


Whit a nation! Self-hate withoot a state

(Wi a arts-army of occupation.

A national theatre withoot a nation)

A double felt delirium o damnation.

In this time a noise an choice

Who has Scotia’s voice

(wi Jimmy, Eddie and Hamish gone)

To give us an honest heartfu’ song?

Tae mak us feel that we belong

Confident aye; Independent (sigh).


But Listen! From sea and munro;

from Kelso to Thurso

On wind and tide

On Tweed, Tay and Clyde

None but ourselves can make us whole

None but ourselves can heal the soul

Let the earth tide bring us hame

Leave behind auld London’s shame

Wi’ it’s arsetocracy ;a political hypocrisy

Now Scotia is in its birthing pains

In this big world o Adams weans

Let us sing the great song,

That echoes in the bone

fling it like yon David’s stone

Freedom Come all ye

Cry it on the lonely wind

In housing schemes ahent the blind

On mountain tops let us sing

Feel the spirit a Dr King

Sing it wi drams or cups a tea

Cross glens an toons on oily sea

We can be, we mus’ be

Yes dear Lord… mak us free!





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